Splashifax Waterparks are a safe, silly, and always slippery swimming adventure where adults and kids laugh alike and immerse themselves in the ginormous, impressive span of obstacles.

Our locations run rain or shine and offer slippy, drippy fun with floating inflatables, bouncies, slides, and our re-donk-ulous giant Unicorn who gets guests laughing as they free-fall into refreshing water. Experience nature and the great outdoors, all while standing soaking wet 20 feet above the water.

Cannonballing into action, we splash our community partners with financial support that leaves them afloat in new opportunities. With over 100 young employees, our parks offer a laughter-fueled summer job experience centered around safety, personal growth and excellent customer service.

No joke – our parks are a physical experience. Each park is equipped with comfortable land-lover amenities like picnic tables, washroom and changing facilities, and ample space to watch and laugh from shore. 90-minute sessions can be booked online before guests arrive.


Splashifax Waterparks rely on values-based decisions to strengthen our connections: to safety, inclusion, sustainability, laughter, and learning through action.

We work hard to bring laughter to fun seekers for a couple of months every summer. We are attentive to the needs of our guests and responsive to the communities we work in. We create meaningful experiences that leave people with great memories throughout the year.

We make decisions that demonstrate our commitment to healthy communities, by genuinely connecting with and positively impacting the places we operate. We collaborate and continuously learn as we build and maintain our parks, teams, and community relationships.


Splashifax Waterparks is a physical-activity-based experience. We work to laugh hard, but we know safety is no laughing matter. A safe guest experience starts with well-trained staff and responsive health and safety procedures. We are serious about our guests’ safety so they can focus on fun.


Our vision is bigger than our waterpark. We know that tackling obstacles takes a community. Within our waterparks, we aim to build spaces where individuals and families from different walks of life can have fun while showing up as their true selves. We also work closely with local community organizations to provide free and low-cost access and find ways to give back to those places that are bringing people together. Everyone deserves to laugh hard and we welcome all styles of laughter.


Splashifax Waterparks embrace environmental science and sustainable business practices that improve accessible, nature-based, community infrastructure. We collaborate with and give back to local environmental stewardship organisations, to keep the beautiful spaces we work in clean and healthy.


We are absolutely devoted to laughter. We have a ridiculously good time and we want you to come join us! We aim to create a fun place full of unexpected delights, where guests can share exhilarating adventures. Rediscover your childhood belly laugh!


We are active learners. We are creative and curious about how we are doing and who we are working with. Every guest question, comment or complaint, community conversation, and each collaboration with local partners presents an opportunity to improve what we do. We hire local youth and provide them with work experience and connections that set them up for future success.