1. Please do not dive or swim underneath the inflatables. The inflatables are massive structures held together by large chains.. Any attempt to swim underneath may result in serious injury or death. Attempts made to swim under any inflatable will also result in permanent eviction from the park, without refund. 
  2. To avoid injury, only go feet first into the water.
  3. Do not dive, somersault, or flip into the water or on the inflatables.
  4. Do not stand in front of the slide or swim at the bottom of a slide or jumping zone.
  5. Make sure to look out for other guests before you jump or use the slide.
  6. Do not jump down onto the inflatables (with the exception of the designated Jumping Pillow).
  7. No chasing or running. Surfaces are wet and slippery.
  8. To respect COVID-19 safety protocols, please maintain 2m of distance from other users outside of your cohort.
  9. Ladders can only be used one person at a time. You must use both your hands and feet when climbing up and down the ladders.
  10. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the park immediately without refund and not permitted to return.
  11. You must be a strong swimmer: The park’s design is intended for strong, confident swimmers.