1. Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time. 
  2. Check in with the registration desk and get an identification bracelet for your time slot. 
  3. Board the Hatfield Farm Wagon Ride to Fort Clayton.
  4. Follow your guide from the wagon ride drop off point, down the Unicorn Trail to life jacket pick-up.
  5. Receive and be properly fitted for your life jacket. (Note: You will not be permitted to bring your own life jacket)
  6. Put your shoes, towel and any belongings in a cubby (at your own risk).
  7. Proceed to the Splashifax Dock Entrance to wait until a safe, socially distanced time to access the dock.
  8. Listen to the safety orientation.
  9. Head down the dock.
  10. Jump in the water and have fun. 
  11. You will have up to 90 minutes to enjoy the attraction and can take breaks at rest areas any point.
  12. At the end of your 90 minute session, the lifeguards will announce it is time to leave.
  13. Proceed to the dock when it is time to leave.
  14. Maintain appropriate social distancing.
  15. Please return your life jacket to the designated area. 
  16. Grab your items from the cubbies.
  17. Enjoy the many attractions including Hillbilly Fun Lines, Playgrounds, and Mini-Golf at Fort Clayton.
  18. Follow the guide back to the Hatfield Farm Wagon Ride and board.
  19. Once you have arrived back to the main office, you are free to leave or, if access has been purchased, continue to experience Hatfield Farm attractions.