Change Rooms2021-07-07T00:58:43-03:00

We recommend you come ready to go, but there are spaces to change at The Outpost in Fort Clayton at Hatfield Farm.

Splashifax Attractions & Activities2021-07-22T22:25:19-03:00

Your Splash Pass grants you access to:

  • Hatfield Farm Petting Pens (donkeys, goats, cows, alpacas and more!)
  • Trolly Ride to and from Fort Clayton (where Splashifax is located on Hatfield Farm)
  • Splashifax for 90 minutes of play time
  • Access to Fort Clayton including Hillbilly Fun Lines, Playgrounds, and Mini-Golf

Land Lovers tickets are a great option for those under the age restriction or for those who want to be spectators and also enjoy the attractions at Fort Clayton.

Your Land Lovers ticket grants you access to:

  • Hatfield Farm Petting Pens (donkeys, goats, cows, alpacas and more!)
  • Trolly Ride to and from Fort Clayton (portion of Hatfield Farm where Splashifax is located on Hatfield Farm)
  • Access to Fort Clayton including Hillbilly Fun Lines, Playgrounds, and Mini-Golf

Usage of Splashifax and attractions at Fort Clayton is limited to 90 minutes, however you may stay at Hatfield Farm longer to enjoy other attractions. The petting pen is complimentary for Splashifax guests; other attractions are extra.

Add Pony Rides to your day out by booking through Hatfield Farm

General Rules2021-08-01T23:52:00-03:00

All users must: 

  • be able to swim in water where you can’t touch the bottom (the lake is 3 meters / 15 feet deep). As well you should be able to swim 20 meters in a lifejacket.
  • wear a provided lifejacket (you cannot bring your own)
  • be sober
  • remove watches, rings and other sharp objects

Guardians are responsible for accompanying children 12 and under in the water. Ratio is also at the discretion of the guardian, having them decide on how much fun they can handle.

Accommodations Nearby2021-07-07T00:58:26-03:00
Food & Drink2021-07-11T10:22:35-03:00

Pack a picnic! Guests may bring their own snacks and beverages to enjoy at Fort Clayton. There is limited beverage and snacks available for sale on site – Hatfield Farm, does however offer the luxuries of an ice cream stand.

Group Bookings2021-07-07T00:23:42-03:00

Due to Covid 19, Special Events and Group bookings are not available this summer.

Playground Directions for Safe Use2021-07-11T10:34:28-03:00
  1. Please do not dive or swim underneath the inflatables. The inflatables are massive structures held together by large chains.. Any attempt to swim underneath may result in serious injury or death. Attempts made to swim under any inflatable will also result in permanent eviction from the park, without refund. 
  2. To avoid injury, only go feet first into the water.
  3. Do not dive, somersault, or flip into the water or on the inflatables.
  4. Do not stand in front of the slide or swim at the bottom of a slide or jumping zone.
  5. Make sure to look out for other guests before you jump or use the slide.
  6. Do not jump down onto the inflatables (with the exception of the designated Jumping Pillow).
  7. No chasing or running. Surfaces are wet and slippery.
  8. To respect COVID-19 safety protocols, please maintain 2m of distance from other users outside of your cohort.
  9. Ladders can only be used one person at a time. You must use both your hands and feet when climbing up and down the ladders.
  10. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the park immediately without refund and not permitted to return.
  11. You must be a strong swimmer: The park’s design is intended for strong, confident swimmers. 
Age & Usage Restrictions2021-07-11T10:35:06-03:00

Splashifax is for everyone age 5 and up, who are 30 lbs or heavier. Due to life jacket sizing and insurance requirements, we are not able to make exceptions.

Children 12 and under must be supervised by a guardian on the playground.

Pregnant women and people who are injured or currently have an injury or health condition are not allowed to use the inflatables.

Safety Statement2021-07-07T00:33:21-03:00

Splashifax is committed to being the safest recreational activity possible. As such, we have the following rules and directions available for you. All participants must sign a waiver. Our lifeguards all have National Lifeguard (NL) Certification.

Life Jackets2021-07-11T10:18:06-03:00

The only time when one is required to bring a life jacket of their own is for personal accessibility reasons, such as a custom life jacket.

Our life jacket sizes support weights starting from 30 lbs and chest circumferences up to 60“.

The children’s life jacket has a chest circumference of 28”.

What to bring2021-08-01T23:46:19-03:00
  • Water shoes (suggested)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen – marine life friendly
  • Water bottle
  • Bathing suit – It is best if you arrive with it on, although there is a place to change
  • Hat & Sunhat – for when you’re not on the water
  • Picnic supplies (suggested)
  • Insect repellant

We do book birthday parties for 20 people or more.  With your booking you will receive a discount of 10% off on Splash Passes – Land Lover tickets will remain at $20.   When booking, use code Birthday!  We also will be reducing the booking fee in half.

The time slots available for the parties are 11:45, 1:30, 3:15, 5:00.

After you have purchased your Splash Passes and Land Lover Tickets you can host your cohorts at the Splashifax picnic table area for 90 minutes or bring a picnic blanket and hang out in Fort Clayton. Please note however, you will need to bring everything you need down on our Trolley and be able to carry it 300m. 

Weather Statement2021-08-01T23:55:19-03:00

Splashifax, operates on a day to day basis, being weather dependent. In the off chance of dangerously inclement weather, we will reschedule your reservation for the next best possible time. But in general who doesn’t love a giant slip n slide!

In the event of thunder or lightening, the lifeguards will ask everyone to leave the water – a stop watch will also start. We need to not hear thunder or see lightning for 30 minutes before we allow everyone back in the water. If guests are not able to have at least 60 minute in the water, they will be offered the opportunity to reschedule a session. Should we have to postpone a session altogether, we will do our best to communicate that as soon as possible before the session starts. All guests will have the opportunity to reschedule the session. We do not offer refunds.

COVID; What We Are Doing2021-07-07T00:46:10-03:00
  • Access to cleaning stations for extra peace of mind 
  • Plexi glass is installed at strategic customer-employee contact points.
  • Addition of gel hand sanitizer dispensers in common areas for employees and guests.
  • Reduced and controlled traffic capacity in the common areas.
  • Training of all employees on preventive Public Health measures, with an emphasis on the importance of increasing the frequency of hand washing and minimizing contact between people.
  • Mask or visors are worn by all employees in all interior areas
COVID; What we ask of our guests2021-07-07T00:46:26-03:00
  • You must wear your mask or face cover in all interior areas or where distance cannot be maintained (changing rooms, bathrooms, wagon, partially covered areas, etc.).
  • Please respect the physical distance of 2m between cohorts 
  • Sanitize your hands frequently
  • Identify your cohort when you check in for your stay with us
  • Complete a self-assessment questionnaire and temperature reading at check in
  • While change rooms are available for those who require them, we recommend you come changed already to lower indoor traffic and long lines.
Current Government Restrictions2021-07-06T21:28:01-03:00

Please visit https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/ to review current government restrictions related to COVID-19.

Where Are We Located?2021-07-07T00:57:27-03:00

Splashifax has partnered with Hatfield Farm (https://hatfieldfarm.ca/) to bring you Atlantic Canada’s premier summer attractions. Splashifax is on Second Lake and is accessible through Fort Clayton at Hatfield Farm.

How Do You Get There?2021-08-01T23:46:53-03:00

We are located at Hatfield Farm. Once you arrive, you will be taken by trolley to Fort Clayton and access Splashifax from there.

Hatfield Farm Is Located At:
1840 Hammonds Plains Road
Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia B4B 1P4

Driving Directions:
Approximately 8 km from both Hwy 102 & Hwy 103
on Hwy 213 – Hammonds Plains Road.

What To Do Upon Arrival2021-07-06T23:19:10-03:00
  1. Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time. 
  2. Check in with the registration desk and get an identification bracelet for your time slot. 
  3. Board the Hatfield Farm Wagon Ride to Fort Clayton.
  4. Follow your guide from the wagon ride drop off point, down the Unicorn Trail to life jacket pick-up.
  5. Receive and be properly fitted for your life jacket. (Note: You will not be permitted to bring your own life jacket)
  6. Put your shoes, towel and any belongings in a cubby (at your own risk).
  7. Proceed to the Splashifax Dock Entrance to wait until a safe, socially distanced time to access the dock.
  8. Listen to the safety orientation.
  9. Head down the dock.
  10. Jump in the water and have fun. 
  11. You will have up to 90 minutes to enjoy the attraction and can take breaks at rest areas any point.
  12. At the end of your 90 minute session, the lifeguards will announce it is time to leave.
  13. Proceed to the dock when it is time to leave.
  14. Maintain appropriate social distancing.
  15. Please return your life jacket to the designated area. 
  16. Grab your items from the cubbies.
  17. Enjoy the many attractions including Hillbilly Fun Lines, Playgrounds, and Mini-Golf at Fort Clayton.
  18. Follow the guide back to the Hatfield Farm Wagon Ride and board.
  19. Once you have arrived back to the main office, you are free to leave or, if access has been purchased, continue to experience Hatfield Farm attractions.

There is ample parking off Hammonds Plains Road in the Hatfield Farm gravel parking lot.

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