We love to jokingly call Kristina Lemieux (She/Her) “the boss of all”, because she really is (as the CEO of Splashifax)! Born and raised in Treaty 6 in a small town called Drayton Valley, she had no idea she would later be spreading joy through giant water inflatables!

Kristina had an over 20-year career in the non-profit, performing arts industry as a manager and producer in Edmonton, Nanaimo, Vancouver and Toronto. She had her creative hand in a remarkable variety of arts, from drag opera and surprise cabarets, to a tour from coast to coast and down to Mexico!

She now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, and loves how her current role at Splashifax allows her to have such a positive impact on individuals of varied ages and all walks of life. She is grateful to be able to share the wild and wonderful experience of being on top of a 50 foot unicorn with others! She is passionate about creating and fostering safe and joyful spaces.

Kristina has been described as having a dry wit. She mostly laughs at herself, but also quite often at her dog, Charlie. She is thrilled to be able to facilitate the fits of laughter enjoyed by so many at Splashifax.


Jessica Urquhart (She/Her) is your friendly Director of Customer Experience at Splashifax!

She was born and raised in New Brunswick in a little community called Bloomfield, about a 20 minute drive to the closest town. And just look at her now – making sure Splashifax guests leave absolutely exhausted from smiling and laughing so hard!

Many of Jessica’s happiest memories are from her rural childhood – playing in the dirt in her backyard with her brothers, s’mores by the bonfire with her dad, and playing in the sun with her mom and a sprinkler.

After graduating high school, she worked in professional kitchens in neighbouring cities and worked her way up to being a Red Seal Chef. From there she became a Sous Chef, then an Executive Chef, and then the General Manager of a restaurant in Saint John, NB. She then decided to make a change and moved to Halifax where she has created a new life for herself full of new friends, a rescue dog named Stuart, and of course, a new (and splashy!) career.

Being able to play a larger role in the HRM community through Splashifax in the summer of 2021 brought Jessica so much joy. It is a deep pleasure for her to be part of a team that upholds the values of social inclusion, environmental sustainability, as well as pure, unabashed fun.


Justin Pickens (he/him) keeps everyone laughing in his role as Facilities Equipment Manager – putting the bounce and float in all those adorable Splashifax park elements.

From confirming water depths to ensuring the grass is always greener onsite Justin points to the sound of laughter and play as his motivation for building and maintaining safe parks. With an entrepreneurial mind, Justin applies his problem-solving approach to the non-floating obstacles before him each day. Born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Justin grew up in his home province while also living in New Brunswick and Rural Ontario over the years.

A swimming instructor and lifeguard by the age of 15, Justin is familiar with the joys and dangers of any water experience. He takes his role very seriously but himself, not so much. With too many small boats with sails to count Justin loves nothing more than getting out on the water or atop a bike for a chance to reconnect with his childhood.



What do you get when you combine:

  • a dynamic friend duo
  • a stunning water location
  • an intense communal need for fun
  • and the world’s largest unicorn floatie?

A fantastical place of floatie fun, and the story of Splashifax!

The story began in November 2018 when Jonathon first had the idea of how an inflatable water playground could start a wave of fun. Jonathon’s background was in the drier area of real estate and development, but he had also previously built, opened, and operated a trampoline park. And as an avid sailor and water sports enthusiast, Jonathon was no stranger to fun-making in the water.

Speeding ahead to late January 2020, Jonathon was staying in Halifax with his good friend Dave. Jonathon was struck by the beautiful location and community of the Halifax region. When Jonathon suddenly asked Dave if he wanted to start a local waterpark with him, Dave’s response was “Hmm…cool…not no…”. Two weeks later, “not no” became “let’s giv’r!” and Dave’s suggestion that “we need a really awesome feature attraction” gave birth to Splashifax’s iconic giant unicorn and familiar tugboat.

With Dave’s retail and logistics experience, and Jonathon’s development and play park experience, this dynamic duo was ready to make a splash. In an instance of unfortunate timing shared by so many new business-owners world-wide, the deposit for the waterpark was paid on the same day that the first case of COVID-19 was announced in Canada, so the venture was delayed until 2021.

When Splashifax opened in July 2021, Halifax was ready to dive into the much-needed excitement and fun of having its first floating playground and waterpark!