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Where are we located?

Splashifax has partnered once again with Hatfield Farm to bring you Atlantic Canada’s premier summer attractions. Splashifax is located on Second Lake which is accessible through Fort Clayton at Hatfield Farm.

How Do You Get There?

Address: 1840 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia B4B 1P4

Driving Directions: Approximately 8 km from both Hwy 102 & Hwy 103 on Hwy 213 – Hammonds Plains Road

Once you arrive and after checking in, you will be taken by a trolley to Fort Clayton and access Splashifax from there.

Where Do You Park?

There is ample parking off Hammonds Plains Road in the Hatfield Farm gravel parking lot.

What to Expect

  • 1
    Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time.
  • 2
    Park in the Hatfield Farm gravel parking lot. Please be aware that we don’t have storage down below at Splashifax to please leave all valuables in your locked vehicles.
  • 3
    Check in with our friendly employees along the fence on the left. If it’s busy, our employees will either come to you or call you over when they’re ready.
  • 4
    Here, you’ll get a bracelet which is colour coordinated for your timeslot.
  • 5
    Head on over to the trolley pick-up point (65m from Check-In)and wait for an employee to direct you. If the trolley isn’t there, please feel free to partake in the petting farm up to the left.
  • 6
    Once the trolley has arrived and the employee has directed you to board, please do so. Expect to get cozy!
  • 7
    Once at Fort Clayton, please follow the directions of our employees and when directed, follow the Unicorn Trail to Splashifax! This trail is approximately 365m, a mix of dirt and gravel, and includes some hills to get your blood flowing before the park!
  • 8
    Once at Splashifax, take in the sights and get your lifejacket from one of our lifejacket experts. If you’ve purchased socks, you will be directed to the Sock Station to receive them.
  • 9
    We don’t have place to store your things, but we have picnic tables for groups to share, please use them at your own risk.
  • 10
    Proceed to the employee with the megaphone. There will be quite the crowd, so make sure you listen up! You will be getting your Safety Orientation 5 minutes before your session start time.
  • 11
    Once the Safety Orientation is over, you will be directed to the dock. There, you will be checked for lifeguard fit and sent on your way! Please do not run on the dock.
  • 12
    Jump in the water (feet first) and have fun.
  • 13
    You will have up to 100 minutes to enjoy the attraction and can take breaks at rest areas at any point.
  • 14
    With 5 minutes left,  the lifeguards will blow the whistle 3 times and announce it is time to head back to the dock. Sometimes it takes this long for everyone to get back to land!
  • 15
    Please return your life jacket to the designated area.
  • 16
    Follow the Unicorn Trail back to Hatfield Farm Trolley and board.
  • 17
    Once you have arrived back to the main office, you are free to leave or continue to access all that Hatfield Farm has to offer!

Safety & Rules

Splashifax Waterparks is a very physical, swimming-based experience. A safe guest experience starts with well-trained staff and responsive health and safety procedures. We are serious about your safety so you can focus on fun.

Please note that we do not recommend that those who are pregnant, have an injury, or a health condition use our park.

Please adhere to the following rules to ensure the safety of others as well as yourself. Guests found to be breaking these rules may be removed from the park without refund.

  • Listen to the Lifeguards

  • Feet first

  • One at a time up ladders. The ladders can turn into a slide very quickly with just one slip of the foot or hand, so one at a time is mandatory to keep from turning other participants into bowling pins.

  • Look before you jump or slide. Make sure to look for other guests before you jump or slide.

  • No chasing and we do not recommend running. Surfaces are wet and slippery.

  • The use of drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited.

  • You must be a strong swimmer: The park is designed for strong and confident swimmers.

  • Everyone wears a lifejacket – at all times.

  • Absolutely no swimming under the inflatables. The inflatables are massive structures held together by large chains. Any attempt to swim underneath may result in serious injury or death. Attempts to swim under any inflatable will also result in immediate eviction from the park, without refund.

  • Clear out quickly from the bottom of slides and jumping zones. Once you’ve hit the water at the bottom of a slide or jumping zone, please proceed away from that area as quickly as possible. Refrain from swimming in these areas.

  • Do not jump down onto the inflatables. Except for designated jumping pillows.

  • Those aged 12 and under need a guardian on the park with them. Yes, this means getting in the water and joining in on the fun!

Unfold the Fun Facts

What’s Included in My Splash Pass?2023-06-19T23:00:08-03:00
  • Hatfield Farm Petting Pens (donkeys, goats, cows, alpacas, and more!)
  • Trolley Ride to and from Fort Clayton (where Splashifax is located on Hatfield Farm)
  • 100 minutes of splashing around!
  • Access to Fort Clayton including HillbIlly Fun Lines and Playgrounds (these features are use-at-your-own-risk)

Usage of Splashifax is limited to 100 minutes, however, you may stay at Hatfield Farm longer to enjoy other attractions. The petting pen is complimentary for Splashifax guests; some other attractions are extra. Please check out the Hatfield Farm website for details.

Refund and Cancellation Policy2023-06-19T23:00:59-03:00

There are no refunds under any circumstances. If a weather event affects your whole session, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule to the next best possible time slot. If you need to reschedule your session for your own reason, you will need to reschedule 48 hours in advance. Please note that if you reschedule your session to a more or less expensive time slot, you will be charged or reimbursed the difference accordingly.

What’s Included in My Land Lovers Pass?2023-06-19T23:00:15-03:00

Land Lovers passes are mandatory for those wanting to enter Hatfield Farm and go down to Splashifax. Included in these passes is:

  • Hatfield Farm Petting Pens (donkeys, goats, cows, alpacas, and more!)
  • Trolley Ride to and from Fort Clayton (where Splashifax is located on Hatfield Farm)
  • Access to Fort Clayton including HillbIlly Fun Lines and Playgrounds (these features are use-at-your-own-risk)

Usage of Splashifax is limited to 100 minutes, however, you may stay at Hatfield Farm longer to enjoy other attractions. The petting pen is complimentary for Splashifax guests; some other attractions are extra. Please check out the Hatfield Farm website for details.

How Old Do You Have to Be?2023-06-19T23:03:04-03:00

Splashifax requires that our guests be above the age of 5 to participate. This is due to the manufacturer’s advice, insurance, and lifejacket requirements. We also require that anyone below the age of 12 have a guardian to also purchase a Splash Pass and go out onto the park with them (this includes getting into the water).

What Should I Bring?2023-06-19T23:02:01-03:00

We recommend these items:

  • Water shoes (not black soled)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen (marine friendly)
  • Water bottle
  • Bathings suit/Swim gear
  • Hat/Sun Hat, for when you’re not in the water
  • Picnic Supplies
  • Insect Repellant
It’s Raining, Do You Close?2023-06-19T23:01:07-03:00

Splashifax operates on a day-to-day basis as weather can be very unpredictable. In the event of just normal old rain, we do not refund or reschedule as we are a water based park and who doesn’t love a giant slip and slide!

Do You Do Group Bookings?2023-08-15T22:45:01-03:00

If you book 20+ Splash Passes on the same reservation, you will receive 20% off plus a 50% discount on your booking fee! Please contact us at or call (902) 293-8390 to book a group of this size. Group bookings are only applicable to 20 Splash Passes or more.

Do I Have to Wear a Lifejacket & Socks?2023-06-19T23:03:33-03:00

As per our insurance, every single person on the park must be wearing a certified lifejacket. Grip socks are part of the additional safety measures we take to keep you having fun on the park.

We provide life jackets – socks are provided for you at an additional cost at the time of ticket purchase or on site. We have life jackets to support weights starting at 30lbs and up to chest circumferences of 60 inches.

Why Marine Friendly Sunscreen?2023-06-19T23:02:11-03:00

We are all about making as little impact as possible on our environment and this is why we encourage all of our guests to wear marine-friendly sunscreen to enjoy our park. Sunscreens containing Petrolatum, Oxybenzone, and Octinoxate are very harmful, and sometimes fatal, to waterfowl and all other aquatic life. Here are some sunscreens that we find safe for both you and our underwater friends (plus, they also support local Canadian companies!):

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Face and Body Natural Sunscreen SPF 31

Consonant Skin+Care The Perfect Sunscreen Pure Unscented SPF 30

ATTITUDE Mineral Sunscreen Stick Unscented SPF 30

Matter Company Substance Unscented Natural Sun Care Creme SPF 30

Live Clean Face Mineral Sunscreen Lotion 45 SPF

What Weather Do You Close For?2023-06-19T23:01:34-03:00

Weather events that will cause us to reschedule sessions to the next available time that works for you are as follows and are to be determined by on-site management:

  • Torrential Rain
  • High Winds 
  • Hurricane
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Depending on additional factors like lower temperatures
Do You Do Anything for Birthdays?2024-06-27T00:07:24-03:00

Book the Birthday Party Package for everything you need to throw an unforgettable birthday! This party experience puts the party back into planning. With our birthday package, we take care of everything for you, leaving you more time to party and less time stressing. The Birthday Party Package is our most straightforward package, giving you 100 mins of splash time, 30 mins of party time, and all the party essentials, including: Dedicated party host for all your needs during the event

●Dedicated party host for all your needs during the event
● Party set-up and clean-up
● 100 mins of splash time
● 30 mins Party Time
● Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and tablecloth

Party includes 10 people

2 pizzas and drinks

Each additional person is $33

1 pizza will be added for every 5 additional splashers

Bringing some hungry hippos? Extra Pizzas are $10

Want 10% off your party? Book a weekday birthday (Mon-Thurs), you automatically get 10% off!

*Excludes holiday weekdays.

10-splasher minimum per party. For add-ons, speak to your park’s Event Coordinator.

A representative from our Event Team will contact you the week of your event to review final details. This will be your opportunity to add on extra splashers, more food, and party favors for your guests!

Early Arrival
Party parents, the Guest of Honor, and other Party Guests should arrive 30 minutes prior to Splash Time to check-in.

Time to get wet and wild!
You and your party guests get an all access pass to our splash-tastic park ! All the attractions are included, so no one misses out on the fun!

Party Room Time!
15 mins before the park session ends your Party Host will make an announcement; your pizza is here!!

Can I Bring My Own Life Jacket?2023-06-19T23:03:42-03:00

If you do choose to bring your own life jacket, one of our employees will check to make sure your life jacket is certified by Transport Canada.

Should I be Swim-Ready?2023-06-19T23:02:35-03:00

We recommend showing up ready to go. Though we have limited space to change, coming all ready in your swim gear will make your check-in experience just that much smoother.

Do I Have to Swim?2023-06-19T23:03:56-03:00

Splashifax is a water attraction placed in a body of deep water. Everyone must be able to swim where you can’t touch the bottom in depths that may exceed 25 feet. You must also be able to swim 20 metres in a life jacket.

Should I Have Something On My Feet?2023-06-19T23:02:46-03:00

We require all guests on the park to wear grip socks. We do provide these at a cost of $5.00. Another option is to wear water shoes. We do not allow water shoes with black soles as they mark the equipment.

I Heard I Have to Remove My Jewellery?2023-06-19T23:04:07-03:00

Splashifax is a park full of air, which is so fun, but can also POP. We require that rings and sharp earrings be removed before enjoying the park. If you cannot remove your rings, we can duct tape them to your finger to not only ensure that they do not puncture the park, but to make sure your valuable item stays on your finger and does not end up in the lake. We encourage the removal of watches, necklaces, and anything you find valuable as once it ends up in the water, the employees cannot retrieve it for you.

Is There a Space for Me to Put My Things?2023-06-19T23:02:54-03:00

We recommend leaving your valuables in your locked vehicle before checking in. We do not have cubbies this year, but we do have picnic tables down at Splashifax. We are not responsible for the safety of your items.

Can I be Under the Influence?2023-06-19T23:04:14-03:00

We do not condone the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Being under the influence of any substance makes this fun experience dangerous for both you, and those around you.

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